Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bill's Restaurant- Cardiff

Breakfast at Bill's...

The morning after graduation me and James had some time to kill before we headed down the bay to the food festival so we decided to treat ourselves to some breakfast. Feeling indulgent in the sunny weather we decided to find a place where we could sit outside and eat so we headed over to Mill Lane to see what we could find- that's how we found ourselves at Bill's.

I've always looked inside Bill's as I've walked past but I've never actually been inside for a proper look (technically I still haven't since we ate outside!) but I'm glad we finally stopped to try it out because it was worth it!

James ordered a juice drink that was freshly made on the premesis:

Bill’s raspberry, peach & mango
juice £2.95

 The presentation was great and it was really refreshing!

We both ended up ordering a 'Bill's Breakfast' each (though I thought everything looked great and couldn't decide what I was having until the last second).

Cumberland sausage, fried free range eggs, tomatoes,
mushrooms, smoked streaky bacon & toast £7.95

My initial thought was that £7.95 was a bit pricey for a breakfast (and the fact that to add baked beans was another pound seemed a bit steep). I wasn't really sure what to expect but I was hoping that what ever was being brought out was going to be good. I was definitely not disappointed! The food was beautifully presented, tasted amazing (and of very good quality) and ended up being so filling that I was glad that I didn't order the beans on top! The miniature Cumberland sausages in particular were amazing!

After I'd eaten I could see that by paying the extra few pounds at Bill's rather than going to Weatherspoons, I'd definitely paid for better quality food! I'll definitely be visiting again in the future and I recommend it to everyone! 

I almost forgot to mention- look at these cute little leaflets that they put on each table. You can buy some of Bill's home made jam's and sauces from inside the restaurant. You don't see that at many other restaurants do you?!
Yay for Bill's!

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