Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Holiday eating- Turkey!

Some of the foods that I sampled in Turkey...

Please excuse my absence for the last week or so. I've been busy moving out of my flat and then I went on holiday to Turkey! A very busy week! While I was over there I tried a few new things and thought I'd take the opportunity to share the kinds of things that I tried.



Different to our style of doughnuts, these balls of dough were hit and miss. The first time that we tried them they had been horrifically over cooked and became really hard. This also meant that all of the fat that they had been cooked in had been trapped inside with no escape so biting into them resulted in a mouthful of grease. Not very pleasant. We did give them another chance though and this proved to be the right thing to do! They were softer and didn't hold in any grease. They were really nice when eaten with cinnamon sugar and a drizzle of jam!

Turkish Tea

I wanted to try this as soon as I saw people wandering around the resort with the funny little glasses (hey I'm a sucker for presentation- so what?!) I was a bit wary about asking for this as I wasn't actually sure what it was at first! When I finally came to the conclusion that it was tea I got a glass/cup? It does taste familiar to British breakfast tea but it has a bit of an infusion of green tea with another herbal taste behind that. As a lover of green tea, I ended up having at least one of these during most days but I did have to sweeten it with a bit of brown sugar first!


The Italian Restaurant

I know right? International within international. Like a food inception! This restaurant was the place where I experienced my first ever taste of Veale. I don't know what I was expecting but it actually tasted really nice. It's not something I could eat everyday as it was very rich but it was tender and full of flavour. Something that I recommend meat eaters to try if they find themselves in an old school Italian restaurant any time soon! It was cooked in an olive oil sauce which was nice and surprisingly not greasy. I did have to laugh at the steaks accompaniments though- a mixture of pasta (which was lovely) and some potato wedges with sweet corn but I guess you don't really go to Turkey for Italian food really so the sides didn't matter ha-ha!


Panna cotta

I know this could have technically gone under the previous restaurant but it was also my first time trying this and it was amazing! Really light and creamy! It had the occasional stringy bit which wasn't that great but the rest of it was lovely and it was something that I enjoyed eating on a warm evening.

Sundried Tomato and Olive Pesto

No one else at my table seemed to like this but I loved it! Perhaps I was biased as I'm loving sun
 dried tomatoes at the moment but I think it was mostly because there were olives blended into the pesto and no one at the table liked them except me (I ate a lot of olives while I was on holiday!). The only criticism I can make was that it was a tad on the salty side but besides that it was nice! Please excuse the finger smudge in the picture- this photo was taken under the influence of bad wine!

 Turkish McDonalds!

I had to take these pictures because I sometimes wonder whether they serve the same food globally in places like McDonalds. Alas it turns out that they do not! Below is a 'Mega Mac' (4 burgers in one bun!), a large fries and two super sized drinks. It turns out you have to specifically state 'not supersized' if you don't want a really large meal!

Mc Koffte Burger

Everyone who I describe this burger too instantly thinks that its lamb (I asked before I bought it) but this burger is only offered in beef or chicken. I thought I'd give it a bash while I was out there! It had a mixture of a tomato salsa sauce, mayo and lettuce in it with some flavour that I can't describe. Straight off I'll say it wasn't great, the herbs gave it a flavour that I really couldn't identify. I want to say that it tasted like feet but it wasn't quite that bad!

I also ate some Turkish Delight from the local market in Fethiye but muggins here forgot to get a picture of the huge variety on offer!

Where have you eaten internationally? Let me know!

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