Sunday, 26 August 2012

First Time Blogger, Long Time Baker...

It Begins with a friend...

I'm the kool kid in the shades...GIANT HEAD

A cheesy heading I know and for that I appologise (but you can safely bet on a lot more coming up!). Firstly, I had better introduce myself, in a few simple words- I'm a girl who enjoys cooking but is not so big headed as to say that she is 'top chef' material. I would like to say that I can create masterpieces in the kitchen but that would be a lie, so from this blog you can expect to find recipes and reviews on most dishes that come from everyday kitchens- some with a twist and I may even throw NEW stuff in every  now and then. Anything from cupcakes to chilli's are likley to be found!

Students may like to keep an eye on this space as it's likely to become their best friend in the long winter months when you've already spent all of your loans and your faced with the prospect of finally having to man up and eat that tin of raviolli thats been haunting the back of your kitchen cupboard for the last year or so...

Anyway back to the cheesy title. I'll take this brief cople of seconds just to pay hommage to an old friend who introduced me to the basic cupcake recipe that is now the basis for most of my baking adventures. She knows who she is and is probably doing that wierd little gaspy pointy thing that we all know and take the piss out of as she reads (Seriously stop it haha!). Most people learn cookery from home but I learnt from a variety of places- a bit of baking from 'the friend', basic curries, chillies and meat dishes from my Parents and Grandparents (whom I still phone every now and then to confirm cooking times and oven temperatures) and the more adventurous dishes I have found just from messing around in the kitchen. Some nice, Some not so much (ahem, tomato tuna pasta dish).

You should also expect to hear and see evidence of some cookery fails- because even though Jamie Oliver may make pretty dishes on TV you can bet your hat on the fact that hes accidently picked up washing liquid  instead of olive oil and ruined a salad or two in his time!

Cheers M'dears,


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