Sunday, 26 August 2012

Lets start small...Basic Cupcake Recipe

Lets kick off where I began...


The basic recipe for Cupcakes is so easy that you'll kick yourself if you haven't tried it before. Even the most hideous cupcakes are good cupcakes and the great thing is that if you are low on cash they make kick ass birthday presents (but these ones you will have to make pretty I'm afraid).

What You'll need:

6 Oz Self Raising Flour
6 Oz Caster Sugar
6 Oz Softened Butter
3 Eggs
Tsp Baking Powder
3 Oz Cocoa Powder (if making chocolate cakes)
12 Cupcake cases


  • Preheat Oven to 180 degrees or Gas mark 4
  •  Mix the butter and sugar together
  • Sieve flour into mixture
  • Beat eggs and add SLOWLY while still mixing
  • Add the baking Powder and Cocoa (if making chocolate cakes)
  • Put around a tbsp of cake mixture into each cupcake case
  • Put in oven for 10- 15 minutes
I also like to add a bit more flavour so I chuck in a tea spoon of honey or vanilla essence. That's the beauty of Cupcakes you can personalise them with anything that you think will taste nice. (Helloooo chilli and chocolate cupcakes!)

Kitchen Blunder: Always add a bit of baking powder- especially with chocolate cupcakes.  Otherwise you get these sunken disasters which you have to hide with lots of icing!

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