Monday, 27 August 2012

Shhhhh it's Bank Holiday!

If you're anything like me, you will be celebrating your Bank Holiday by lying in bed watching movies and old episodes of 'The Simpsons', trying to ignore how tender you are feeling from the antics of the night before (the woo woo pitcher was a good idea at the time!).  Similarly  to me, you are probably lying there hungry, to lazy to move and suffering from the dilemma of what you can make out of the food in your mostly bare kitchen cupboard that wont make a re-appearance in the hour prior to eating it.

Don't fret I have the solution! JACKET POTATO, BEANS AND CHEESE! This is a simple meal that you can lie down while its cooking (I've thought of everything!) Plus its just stodgy enough to keep you going on a day where you want food that's comforting but not so greasy as to remind you of last nights cold and disappointing McDonald's.

Not many people know that the trick to the perfect jacket potato is microwaving it for ten minutes so that its fluffy inside AND putting it in the oven for a further ten minutes so that the skin thickens and becomes crispy- so that's twenty minutes of lying down right there!

The only thing that requires effort is grating the cheese but come on- it's so worth it when you mix it with the beans (which you have microwaved for two minutes).

All in all, a good simple meal that requires minimal effort. Perfect for a bank holiday where you have a lot of recovering to do!

Cheers M'dears,


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