Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Ice that shiz....

Basic Icing Skillz...

So you've made some lovely cupcakes and they taste amazing right?
 'But what next?!' I hear you cry 'I have some sort of important social gathering and I couldn't possible produce PLAIN cupcakes- Oh the HUMILIATION I will suffer!' 

Well fret not my over eager and socially busy friend! Did you know that there are only two ingredients to making a deliciously sweet and very pretty icing? 

You will need:

A lot of softened butter (Depending on how many cakes you have to ice)
Icing Sugar


Mix the two until the Butter Icing is sweet enough to your liking. That's it. Pretty simple huh? 


Tiptoself: Don't mess with cake stand for sake of photo opportunities!
Oh my dear panicky friend, you must really calm yourself with a 'chill pill' (so nineties!). If you are after different colour frosting then all you need to do is add a drop of food colouring of your choice to the butter mixture and Voila!

The trickiest bit is getting the mixture into an icing pipe without getting it all over your fingers- after that its plain sailing! Or you could skip the icing pipe and just spoon the mixture onto the cakes into different types of patterns freeeeeeeeeeeeestyle.

Hope this brings you some sweetness!

Cheers M'dears


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