Friday, 2 November 2012

'Low Fat' Quiche...

If You Put Vegetables in it it's Healthy Right?! 

So this week, I entered into a little phase I like to name 'The Erratic Girl Phase'. This is basically where I enter into a bit of a meltdown when I'm at home and nothing is good enough. Typical thing's to expect would be thinking I'm fat, my work's not good enough or giving my boyfriend a good telling off when his room isn't tidy enough (I'm not proud to admit that- he's a babe and does everything he can to make me happy!). I'm not a total monster all of the time- I think that the stress of third year just kind of got to me a bit and I needed to have a bit of a venting session. 

Anyway I digress, this week the thing that annoyed me most was the little bit of weight that I seem to have put on since leaving the gym (typical woman eh?!) and I vowed to cut down on high fat food and eat a lot of salad. Ofcourse the moment I solemnly told my boyfriend of this fact I had the biggest craving for quiche. QUICHE. One of the worst for fatty foods there could be! So I decided to make a quiche from scratch but make it 'low fat'. 

What You Will Need:

A Shortcrust Pastry Base- I made one with Packet Mix!
Half a Bag of Spinach
4 Pieces of Bacon- Grilled with the fat trimmed off
4-5 Mushrooms
1 Green Pepper
150ml Skimmed Fat free milk
A good portion of Low Fat Cheese
3 Eggs- Beaten


  • Preheat oven to 180 degrees
  • Make base (If not already bought!) I blind baked mine for around 10-15 minutes before I added any ingredients just so that it wouldn't go soggy when filling was added
  • Fry off peppers and mushrooms in a TEENY bit of oil and then add spinach for last 3 minutes so that it wilts
  • Add the eggs and milk together, then add half of your cheese 
  • Put the veg and bacon in the base, then pour over egg mixture
  • Sprinkle cheese over top
  • bake for 30-40 minutes until you can poke a knife in it and it comes away clean

A lot of recipes say to just remove the pastry- that is not quiche. That is a frittata and I ain't in the mood for no frittata- thus I kept the pastry and used low fat ingredients instead. The beauty of this quiche is that a small portion will keep you going for hours without any accompanying sides. So that kind of works if you're cutting down right?!

Cheers M'dears



  1. Yum! Got to try this, havent baked anything savoury since I started!
    Erica xo

    1. You should try it's really good (Not just tooting my own horn haha!)- Let me know how it goes for you



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