Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Simple Vanilla Birthday Cake...

Birthdays, Hugs and Cake For All...

Well I've been incredibly busy this week- Uni work (I was marked on a show where I interviewed a horror film fanatic and somehow got carried away babbling about putting cats in a washing machine) , interviewing bands at festivals (SWN 2012) and interviewing important radio people at American Idiot (The new musical inspired by the Green Day Album). There seems to be a pattern forming in my life where I always seem to be interviewing people (not that I mind- I'm quite a nosey person!). These week was also important because it was one of my friend's birthday, he lives quite far away from home and wasn't able to see his family and even went to someone else's birthday party on his own birthday! So a couple of people decided to throw him a little surprise party and I was made responsible for the cake. Luckily it wasn't a total disaster...

You Will Need:

3 Eggs- Beaten
6 Oz Self Raising flour
6 Oz Caster Sugar
6 Oz Butter- Extra needed for icing!
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
1 tsp Milk

And whatever Icing you want! I chose white ready to roll fondant icing so that I could draw on it!


  • Preheat Oven to 180 degrees/ gas mark 4
  • Combine sugar and butter together in a bowl until its all mixed together in a soft paste
  • Add the eggs slowly to the mixture 
  • Add milk and vanilla essence and then slowly add the flour
  • Place mixture into two S-M cake tins and bake ONE AT A TIME for around 20-25 minutes each until they are firm to touch
  • Once cooled make up some Butter Icing and spread over one of the cakes
  • Spread jam over the other and sandwich them together
  • Decorate how you want- If using fondant incing then make sure that you put a thin layer of jam over the top of the cake so that it sticks!

I was given lots of compliments for this cake so it must have been good! I thought so anyway - They may have just been being polite (I sincerely hope not haha!). Cooking this cake is easy- the decorating of it is the hard part! I'm not artist so I just had to settle with drawing his age on the cake and drizzling some melted chocolate over the top (along with some failed musical notes that I drew).This is a good recipe for any occasion really- It's all down to decoration. It's also good for if you just fancy a bit of Victoria sponge!

Cheers M'dears


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