Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Pastamoré Experience...

Easy Pasta Sauce Delivered To Your Front Door!

After finding out about Pastamoré through Twitter and seeing that they did the Food Festival circuit, I decided to get in touch and find out a little more about the services that they offer. Do you ever get stuck thinking what to have for dinner after a long and busy day? Me too! That's why companies like Pastamoré are fab- they provide sauces that you only need to heat up and serve with pasta! Pastamoré offers fresh ingredients that have been locally sourced from the South Wales area which they then go on to make authentic Italian pasta sauces which are then sent on to customers homes.

I spoke with Richard, the head of the company. Brought up in an Italian family, he was happy to tell me about why he creates the sauces and which sauce is his favourite:

'Using only the best quality local ingredients and traditional Italian methods Pastamoré prides itself on bringing back a passion for pasta and reintroducing classic Italian sauces.

Being brought up in an Italian household, My favourite sauce is Pastamoré's meatball sauce, just the sauce not the meatballs. I grew up eating this sauce. My Nan taught me how to make this sauce. It is one of those flavours for me that can bring back so many memories. It can be prepared quickly and easily and can be adapted to all sorts of different dishes. '

Richard was then kind enough to send me four pots of Pastamoré sauces which I was only happy to sample:

Tomato and Basil:

I was expecting this particular sauce to be boring and bog standard as I'd had it from supermarkets a few times previously without being impressed, however I was pleasantly surprised. This was actually one of the best tomato and basil sauces that I'd ever tried before. It was well seasoned, the tomato tasted fab and it really added a great flavour to the pasta I was eating!

Tomato and Orange:

I know what you're probably thinking and believe me I was a bit apprehensive about whether I would enjoy orange with my tomato pasta as well, however I was willing to give it a try as it came highly recommended to me by Richard (who had made the sauce). Both myself and my Nana (who had the pleasure of being my fellow sauce taster) agreed that the sauce was actually lovely. The orange wasn't overpowering as I had expected it to be, rather it added a deeper flavour beyond the tomato and was a nice twist to what could have otherwise been another boring pasta dish. This was definitely one of my favourites of the sauces I received! 

Grilled Pepper:

If I'm completely honest, this sauce was a little disappointing as it was a bit on the bland side and would have benefited from slightly more seasoning. One thing about it that I did enjoy however were the pieces of grilled peppers that I found in the sauce. They were sweet from being grilled but still added a bit of crunch to my pasta.


This was my very favourite of the sauces I received! I like a bit of a spicy kick to my food so I was very happy to find chopped chillies in the sauce. It was seasoned perfectly and wasn't so spicy that the actual flavour of the sauce was lost in the heat which can sometimes be a problem for me if I use chopped chillies!

Depending on how I used the sauces, the pots usually provided two servings. You don't just have to use them on standard plain pasta, I used stuffed pasta and I also made a pasta bake when I fancied a change. After trying these sauces I'd definitely recommend that people check out Pastamoré's services! 

Keep an eye out for them in any South Wales food festival!

Want to know more about Pastamoré?

43 Park Street
CF31 4AZ

01656 856687

Twitter: @PastAmore 
Facebook: Pastamore
Email: enquiries@pastamore.co.uk

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