Thursday, 27 September 2012

How To Make Super Cool Chocolate Decorations!

Smile For The Camera Gorgeous...

This is a relatively simple way to decorate your cakes and make them look pro! It also can save them from looking like total disasters and  make them fit to become potential birthday presents!
After you've finished making your icing (Recipe here) you can add these little sweet things on top:

What You will Need:

Chocolate- Any type you want!
Pyrex Bowl
2 Sheets of Baking Paper
Icing Nozzle


  • Break the chocolate up and place it into the bowl.
  • Microwave it for 30 seconds or so until its melted. Remember to take it out every couple of seconds to stir it and make sure its not burning.
  • Fold one sheet of baking paper so that it makes an icing bag- cut off the end and insert nozzle.
  • Spoon in melted chocolate
  • Lay the other sheet of baking paper onto a tray and start to draw out the chocolate into what ever shapes you want.
  • Place into fridge for 30-60 minutes until the chocolate has hardened.
  • Place onto cakes! 

That's all you have to do for pretty cakes! The shapes should peel off the paper quite easily. Try not to touch them too much however as they will start to melt from the heat of your fingers almost immediately. If your a beginner to this (As I am!) You should probably stick to simple shapes at first as more intricate shapes will break easier and you'd have to be pro at getting them off the paper with a spatula!

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