Thursday, 14 March 2013

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

So I realize its been a while since my last post on the blog but I do have a very good reason I promise! I'm almost at the end of my final year at university and things have been hectic the last couple of months in terms of work, leaving me little time to do much at all, I haven't even had the chance to bake stuff (much).

While I was away I did try an get on a bit of a health kick and I got really into porridge and different toppings, these are a few of the standards that I ate every morning during my major project (yes the first one is just a picture of plain porridge with a bit of sugar) :

I also tried making a few things for dinner, not all of them were good combos but I definitely learned of my love for sweet potatoes and roasted veg. The top two pictures are of chicken breasts cooked with spinach, mushrooms and red pepper with a side of a few roasted sweet potatoes and some broccoli. The bottom picture is pasta with spinach, mushrooms and a breaded chicken breast. Both of these could have definitely done with some improvement (the top pictures probably should have just had more on the plate because I think I was hungry like two hours later and the bottom meal needed a sauce of  some sort because it was quite dry).

Anyway, I have plenty of postings to be getting on with including one about a brownie with smarties in it so I shall be getting on now!

Catch you later,


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