Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Cosy Club- Cardiff

Date Night in Cosy Club...

Like most couples, mine and Jameses date night tends to be on Wednesdays because of the 241 on cinema tickets. This was the first proper date we'd been on for quite some time because we'd both been busy with one thing or another, which resulted in us deciding to try somewhere different to our usual TGI Friday after cinema meal (of course the half hour wait also put us off haha!). This is why we ended up in 'The Cosy Club' after watching Star Trek in the cinema (mixing up the genres a bit I know).

The initial thought upon entering is that it was stereotypically catered towards women, I mean the name, the many squishy sofas and the 'cutesy' fittings but on further inspection there were deer heads stuck on the walls along with a lot of other animal heads so I guess guys could make an appearance after all.

I actually really liked the mis-matched table and chair thing they had going on, the atmosphere in the restaurant was really relaxed and easy going with 'chilled out' music playing while people ate their food.

When we arrived we were shown to a table, it was a bit on the small side so James had to poke his legs out of the sides but that didn't put us off. We did have to quite a while wait for our orders to be taken, despite a half empty restaurant and our drinks orders were taken twice before someone managed to appear with them.

 One thing about the Cosy club that I loved was that the menu was so different! There was so much choice, I was tempted by everything! In the end though, I was too hungry to deliberate any longer and decided on the 'Spicy home made bean and vegetable burger'. James went for the 'Hero Hamburger'. Again we had quite a wait before our food arrived despite a half empty restaurant but that didn't bother us too much really.

Spiced home-made vegetable and bean burger
with dill pickle, tomato
and red onion marmalade served with house salad and fries

Hero hamburger
6oz hamburger, chorizo, Butler’s Secret mature Cheddar, fried red onions,
chimichurri, chipotle mayo and marinated chilli served with fries

The 'Hero Hamburger' came out served on paper and the chips were served in a little pot but James was quite enthusiastic and started eating before I could take a picture! He only ate one or two chips though, that was genuinely the amount they gave him, compare it to the amount on my vegeburger and it's quite funny. I did give him half of my chips mind so he didn't go without! Despite the lack of chips, he loved the burger and described it as 'full of flavour' with the chorizo in it being really good.

 I loved the salad that came with my food, it had a lemon-y dressing that gave it quite an unusual flavour and it had some cooked veg in it which is always good in my books! The burger was a little difficult to eat as a normal burger and in the end I had to resort to using a knife and fork because it kept falling apart. It was a good burger, not the best vegeburger that I'd ever eaten by any standard but good nonetheless, it definitely lived up to its standard of being spicy and had a lot of flavour in it along with something that I couldn't quite identify.

One thing that I will definitely be going back to the Cosy Club for is the Tapas. For three plates for £9.50 it seems a good deal and I watched in jealousy as people were receiving their orders as it all looked so good! Definitely worth checking out!

Want more information about 'The Cosy Club'?

The Cosy Club
Units LG53 & UG53
1 Hills Street, St David's Dewi Sant
CF10 2LE

02920 225998

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