Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Zero Degrees- Cardiff

Farewell Flatmate Meal!

Despite having lived in Cardiff for three years I'd never really visited anywhere along the westgate street area for food before, seeing as one of my flatmates was off on a whirlwind adventure to America for a month (Lucky Thing!) we decided to give somewhere new a try. This is how we ended up in Zero Degrees for the first time.

I'd always fancied trying Zero Degrees but always thought that it would be fairly pricey so being a poor student I avoided them. I judged wrongly! They actually have a few great deals on during the week that are great for students who want to have some food out for a change. We did the regular 'afternoon' deal having 2 courses for a very reasonable £10. They also do a deal on mondays called 'Beat the Clock' where you can get something for £5 at 5pm and something for £6 at 6pm etc.

We got pretty good service, we arrived around 15 minutes before the deal finished but they still let us order from that menu. Our drink orders were taken immediately, although we did have to wait a while for them to actually turn up. Everyone with me was particularly keen to try out the mango beer which was also in the afternoon deal (I was boring and ordered a glass of rose instead haha!) The individual glasses quickly turned into a pitcher!

We started with two orders of each of the following:

Served with garlic butter & chilli oil 
These were great! The garlic in the butter was really strong which is always good with me, I wasn't as keen on the chilli oil as I'm not a fan of oils but it was enjoyed by others at the table.

with caramelised shallots & mozzarella 

This was also enjoyed. Though comments were made about the onions being hard to find!  

The mains were brought out after we were given time to digest our starters. There was some sort of quiz going on that evening so we were entertained watching that. The kitchen was also an open plan one so it was interesting to watch the food being prepared. I did notice that they cooked the pizzas in a big pizza oven which is always good with me as it results in a crispier base!

Cherry tomatoes, basil, olives, garlic, rocket, parmesan & tomato sauce.

This was ordered by the vegetarian of the table, she enjoyed it but had so much she had to take half of it home! That's never something to complain about right?!

Spicy mexican sausage, roasted mixed peppers, red onions, sweet corn, jalapeƱos, smoked cheese, coriander, chilli oil & tomato sauce.

This was easily one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten in a restaurant before! I don't really like coriander but luckily there wasn't that much of it on the pizza. It had a sun dried tomato sauce as well which is amazing because I'm all about sun dried tomatoes at the moment! Two of these were ordered and both were finished despite their massive size!

Tequila, chicken, lime, coriander, red onions and sweet peppers served in a cream, jalapeno and pesto sauce.

This was enjoyed along with some olives donated from the mediterranean pizza. The plate was really deep as well as wide so again there was a lot of food. Are you noticing a running theme with this restaurant?!

We also had the choice to add a dessert to our deal for an extra £3 but by that time we were all full to the point of needing sleep! I would definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone! Like I said, it's great if you're on a budget and you'll probably have enough food left over to take home making two meals. That surely counts as SAVING money right?!

Want to find out more about Zero Degrees?



27 Westgate Street
CF10 1DD
Telephone: 029 2022 9494

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